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Reach Your Customers with Email and Social Media Marketing

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    I was on a VERY long plane ride to Greece this week, a ride that takes 15 hours from San Francisco, so my husband (who is also in the business) and I started chatting. I was in the process of telling him about a VERY memorable and frightening commercial I saw recently (it IS a

    The post Using the Fear Factor as an Advertising Motivator appeared first on VR Marketing Blog.

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    We talk about copywriting at VR because it’s integral to any marketing. Whether you’re writing an email, website copy, online ad, Twitter Tweet, Facebook post, or blog post, you’re communicating to your audience with words, and therefore copywriting. There are small words that make a big impact on your copy – and not always a

    The post 11 Small Words that Crowd Your Copy appeared first on VR Marketing Blog.

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    International waters… have you dipped your toe in them, not just personally, but for your business? Gaining global customers and/or an international audience is extremely exciting, but doing your homework is vital if you want to adhere, relate to, engage and most importantly, market to this audience appropriately. So what is the biggest deterrent to

    The post International Content Marketing Dos & Don’ts appeared first on VR Marketing Blog.

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    There’s someone I’d like you to meet! My biggest frenemy in the world: Procrastination. Oh wait, you two have already met? Of course you have, procrastination gets around, am I right? And, when it comes to content marketing, getting involved with procrastination is an intense whirlwind relationship full of stress, guilt and shame. Meanwhile, customers

    The post Build a Content Marketing Calendar, Customers Will Come appeared first on VR Marketing Blog.

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    When it comes to social media, bigger isn’t always better. Visitors like short, crisp interactions that get straight to the point. Social media software expert Jeff Bullas recently wrote a compelling article highlighting 5 types of snack-sized content for social media marketing worth considering. Bullas’ list includes: 1. Snack-Sized Blog Posts Instead of hitting readers

    The post Bite-Sized Social Media Marketing appeared first on VR Marketing Blog.

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    One of my best friends is a dentist who is about to open her own private dental practice. I received a frantic call from her the other day: “I’m building my website, but I have no idea how to write anything for it. Help!” Writing doesn’t come easily for many people, let alone writing for

    The post Writing for the Web (It’s Not What You Learned in English Class) appeared first on VR Marketing Blog.

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    Psst… want to know the key to writing engaging copy for email, social media and the web? We’ve got a cheat sheet. Now we don’t normally condone “cheating,” but when it comes to writing effective copy for various online marketing channels, like Facebook, email, or a website, we wholeheartedly approve of you using our copywriting

    The post Copywriting Cheat Sheet: How to Write for Email, Social and the Web appeared first on VR Marketing Blog.

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    You know the feeling. You’re staring at a blinking cursor on a blank screen, trying to figure out how to get your website visitors excited about your product or service. It sounds easy. After all, who knows your product better than you do? But most of us were never taught this kind of writing in

    The post How to Write Effective Website Copy appeared first on VR Marketing Blog.

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    Content marketing seems to be all the rage right now, right? But as it turns out, businesses have been using content to give customer-value for over a hundred years. Here’s a great example: In 1904, Jell-O door-to-door salesmen would give out their cookbook for free. Jell-O’s sales rose like crazy in just a few years. True

    The post Content Your Customers Actually Care About appeared first on VR Marketing Blog.

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    Working as a content marketing director, my team and I are responsible for the creation, editing, publishing and optimization of dozens of pieces of content each week. We strive to create relevant, meaningful and ultimately useful information for our readers. But, we live in the world of the internet, and no matter how beneficial our

    The post The Secret to Content Optimization for People and Search appeared first on VR Marketing Blog.

    content optimizationcontent optimization

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    Was your site affected by the Penguin and Panda updates? If you answered yes, read on for a few fast tips on how you can create SEO goodness for your site

    The post Create SEO Goodness For Your Site Now appeared first on VR Marketing Blog.

    SEO InfographicSEO Infographic

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    One could argue that content or design are the most important components of your email, however, it's your subject line, that takes the cake. Test these techniques to concoct the best smelling subject line.

    The post The Sweet Smell of a Subject Line appeared first on VR Marketing Blog.

    Business Meeting Etiquette: 8 Pet PeevesBusiness Meeting Etiquette: 8 Pet Peeves

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    In the movie Jerry Maguire, Jerry expressed his love in a long-winded speech to Dorothy and her reply was the simple phrase: “You had me at hello.” Your subject line can do the very same thing for your email marketing and leave your readers swooning. Your readers’ inboxes are a crowded place these days and with

    The post You Had Me at Hello – 5 Types of Subject Lines to Engage Your Audience appeared first on VR Marketing Blog.

    subject linessubject lines

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    You know that your company is awesome at what it does, but just because you say it doesn’t automatically mean everyone will believe you right away. When it comes to successful marketing, you need to both shout from the rooftops and also have people on the street do some of the shouting for you –

    The post Gain More Credibility with a Customer Case Study appeared first on VR Marketing Blog.

    case studycase study

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    We’re smack-dab in the golden age of content marketing. Everywhere you look, there’s a webinar/podcast/blog post telling you to jump on the bandwagon and produce engaging, relevant content and your business will boom. Well, it’s not quite that simple. In this race to produce content, my team and I sometimes find ourselves asking: Are we

    The post Get Your Content to Stand Out from the Crowd appeared first on VR Marketing Blog.

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    We live in an ultra fast-paced world. Sending texts, IMs, and e-mails from our smartphones has become commonplace. But with all this speed, are we sacrificing quality business communications? Let’s look at a few examples. After a phone conversation with a potential new partner, I agreed to connect the person with our internal contact. We

    The post Email Bloopers: Read This Before You Hit ‘Send’ appeared first on VR Marketing Blog.


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    You’ve given much thought to how to describe your product on your website, but have you paid attention to how your copywriting impacts your user experience

    The post 5 Copywriting Tips to Enhance User Experience appeared first on VR Marketing Blog.

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    Here is a list of our favorite content marketing tools from getting ideas to creating, sharing & optimizing, there's something for every biz and budget

    The post 11 Smart Content Marketing Tools for Every Budget appeared first on VR Marketing Blog.

    content marketing – Evernotecontent marketing – Evernote

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    Sharing a compelling story is a memorable and powerful content marketing strategy, especially for prospective customers. Here's how to find your narrative

    The post How to Find Your Brand’s Content Marketing Narrative appeared first on VR Marketing Blog.

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    Why using a style guide will help you maintain a consistent voice and tone in your company content marketing

    The post Use a Style Guide for Consistently Great Content appeared first on VR Marketing Blog.

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